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I’m an artist working across the realms of drawing, photography, printmaking, performance, video and sculpture. I also write stories.

I take an experimental approach to creating performances and visual art informed by my fascination with how people establish social relationships and construct the places they inhabit. Since completing my Masters degree in Sculpture at the Australian National University School of Art in 2000 I have worked on a diverse range of collaborative and solo projects. I love working in collaboration with other artists and anyone who is curious and enthusiastic.

My sense of adventure has led me to undertake residencies on a cruise ship in Norway, a village in Northern Thailand and a winter month in Finland. In both Thailand and Finland, I created works (solo and in collaboration) that responded to the unique natural environments whilst paying attention to the ways they had been transformed by human activity.

I’m fascinated by photography of remote and extreme environments, and by how it’s possible to visit those inaccessible places vicariously inspired by the images and writings of astronauts and explorers. I am currently obsessed with Antarctica and the moon. I especially love reading the diaries and memoirs of astronauts and Antarctic explorers and using their stories as inspiration to generate my own poetic works of art.

As well as working as a visual artist I teach as a sessional lecturer at the Australian National University School of Art and Design. My teaching interests span drawing, sculpture, installation, video and performance art, and art theory. I’m currently teaching the Professional Practices course in the Centre for Art History and Theory at the ANU and I blog bits of interesting, related info at: