Getting elemental!

I'm teaching a new class next term at the Belconnen Arts Centre. I'm really looking forward to exploring and experimenting with the elements!

Art Soiree w/ Ellis Hutch(6 Weeks)

Term 4 >  19 October – 30 November (NO CLASS on 23 November)

Time > Thursdays 6:00-8:30pm

Cost > $245 or $220 with BAC Membership            

Book > HERE                                                                                                         

It’s elemental! -earth wind fire and water.

Cost: $245

Contact Belconnen Arts Centre

02 6173 3300


Term 4: It’s elemental! – earth, wind, fire and water

Continuing on with our approach to interpreting the landscape theme from term 3 with Julie Bradley, this term Ellis Hutch will  look into the forces of nature and find ways to describe them using drawing mediums including ink, graphite and charcoal on various papers and supports. The emphasis will be on interpretation, abstraction and symbolism and we will be investigating different ways of portraying these elements. Each week we will working from images that you have brought along that reflect your thoughts on these elements. There will be an opportunity each week to continue to work on your artworks and also to receive feedback.

Week 1 This week we will look at ways we could describe each element and will make our first rough drawings of our ideas to be used in our final artworks.  Examples of artists who have approached this theme in their own personal style will be shown. Our first medium will be charcoal.

Week 2 Taking the element of earth this week, we will investigate what this element means to each of us. Graphite will be our medium.

Week 3 This week’s element is wind and our medium will be ink. Experimentation on various papers and grounds with ink will be explored.

Week 4 Fire is our subject this week. We will use all 3 of our mediums and experiment with various combinations.

Week 5 The element of water is our final element and once again all three mediums will be combined to make our final artwork for this lesson. 

Week 6 We will make a symbolic representation of each of the 4 elements this week and review the techniques and approaches of 6 weeks. There will be an informal display of all the completed artworks.